The season for air conditioning is just around the corner. With it comes the delicate balance of temperature control in offices. Gather your gloves, space heaters, and bundling layers. Many offices are notorious for being shivering cold for some but just right for others during the summer months. If you’re one of the former, how can you beat the chill and focus on your work? Here are some of the best tips for avoiding the chill of office air conditioning this summer.

Bundle Up

It might seem counterintuitive to bundle up with the temperature outside is soaring. But for some who work in offices, staying warm in the cranked-up air conditioning is crucial. Beyond losing productivity on just being cold, the risk for some is much greater. Those who suffer from issues like Raynaud’s phenomenon can be seriously affected when the AC is left on high. Dressing in layers and focusing on keeping your extremities warm are key to keeping your disease at bay. Wireless heated glove liners can make all the difference between a flair up and keeping warm.

Open the Curtains

Let the sun shine in! Often times, window treatments in offices are designed to keep the heat or cold out – depending on the season. If the sun is out and your office is in a prime location, open the curtains or blinds and let the light do its job. Thought it might not make a huge difference in temperature, anything helps! And, it’ll make you feel better at minimum.

Warmth in a Cup

Do the types of things to you do when the weather outside is frightful – have a warm beverage. Tea or coffee in a toasty mug can not only warm your hands in a frosty office, but warm your body, too. Having lunch in? Bring soup and enjoy the warming benefits while you eat.

Insulate Your Equipment

Something as simple as using a cushion on your chair could help increase your feeling of warmth. If your chair is bare bones and without padding, the cold can seem even worse. Bring in a cushion to increase insulation in your seat. While you’re at it, consider bringing a heated blanket into the office – it’s energy efficient and can keep you warm all day.

Get Outside

Get outside when you can. Obviously, you can’t spend your entire work day wondering the property, but try to take short breaks to warm yourself up. Eat your lunch outside in the warmth and sunshine to increase your body temperature in preparation for the afternoon. Even just five minutes here and there can help!

Whether you’re bundled up, typing away with a pair of FIBREHEAT® technologically advanced self-heating gloves, or cuddled under an electric blanket, keep yourself warm and focused this summer.