Market Overview

FIBREHEAT™ self heating fabrics have a wide range of applications:

Fashion Apparel

  • Outer Garments
  • Cold-weather sports spectators
  • Anyone looking to keep warmer and look great while doing it

Active Lifestyle

  • Outdoor Recreation: skiing, ice skating, running, hiking, hunting, climbing, cycling
  • Outdoor sports spectators
  • Cold-climate and cold-environment workers
  • Military

Health Needs

    • Circulatory disorder and disease sufferers including
      • Raynaud's disease
      • Congestive Heart Failure
      • Arthritis
      • Diabetes
      • Patients in certain cancer treatments

FIBREHEAT™ self heating fabrics are in demand by a wide variety of markets:

Medical FibreHeat™ Market

      • Cardiovascular Disease and heart/circulatory issues affect 125 million Americans, 49mm Europeans*
        • Raynaud’s: impacts 28 million Americans, 10 million in UK*
        • Diabetes: diagnosed in 30 million Americans, 58 million Europeans
        • Arthritis: 31 million Americans*
      • The world’s population is aging significantly
        • By 2050 the global population 65 and older will be 16% of the total
          • It is 9% today
        • By 2050 global developed-country population 65+ will be 27% of the total
          • It is 16% today
      • Age-related illnesses and afflictions are increasing with the population

* Possible explanations for the disparity between US and European Cardiovascular Disease levels include lifestyle and diet differences. Statistics for Europe, when not shown, are either unavailable or unreliable

Outdoor FibreHeat™ Market

      • SPORTS: The US and European populations are extremely active
        • 55 million Americans, 50mm Europeans are runners*
        • 17 million Americans, 60 million Europeans ski/snowboard and climb*
        • 48 million Americans are cyclists (road, mountain and BMX)**
        • 45 million Americans are hikers**
        • Millions of cold-weather-sport spectators
      • WORK: Nearly 28 million people in Europe and the US work mostly outside
        • 7 mm Americans, 18 million Europeans work in the construction industry
        • 1.1 million Americans, 1.6 million Europeans work in law enforcement
      • MILITARY: American military cold-weather demands are resurgent
        • Renewed Russian threat to Europe
        • Renewed and expanded Arctic exploration is leading to saber-rattling

* 2017 Statista data; figures are not mutually exclusive
** European statistics are unavailable or unreliable

Competitive Landscape

      • Competitive advantages of Fibreheat™ products
        • No power source: no bulky batteries, chargers or embedded wires
        • FibreHeat™significantly exceeds performance of other fabrics
        • Strong executive team with unique combination of textile, fashion, finance, hi-tech, and serial-entrepreneurial experience