Market Overview Of FIBREHEAT® Self Warming Accessories

Explore FibreHeat®, the patented self-heating fabrics delivering products that continue to make a wave in so many industries! Loved by consumers in a variety of markets, our products pose solutions to issues so many of us are facing around the world. Whether it’s relieving medical symptoms related to illness, disease, and circulatory issues, or finding a way to beat the office A/C, our versatile products deliver quality where it counts.

Fibreheat’s patented self-heating technology visual. Demonstrates fibers interacting with body heat

FibreHeat® Self-Heating Fabrics Are Versatile

Our products offer a wide variety of applications, with patented self-heating technology woven into each fabric, our self-heating gloves have made an impact where it matters.

Health Needs

Our self-heated gloves and socks relieve symptoms and side effects of cold hands and feet as a result of health issues including:

  • Circulatory issues
  • Raynaud's Disease/Syndrome
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Patients in cancer treatments

Active Lifestyles

For those that are always out in the elements and on the move, we have practical yet fashionable solutions to maintain your warmth this winter:

  • Improve your daily tasks working in refrigerated zones & other cold environments
  • Perfect for outdoor sports spectators, athletes, and participants alike
  • Great for daily commutes or walks in low temperatures and other elements

Practical Yet Fashionable Apparel

The quality that can’t be beaten! With innovative fabrics that utilize the wearer's body heat, these self-heated gloves and socks adjust to the amount of heat one requires — making them the best gloves for daily wear, no matter the lifestyle!

  • Stylish outer garments perfect for even the coldest winters
  • Sleek and fashionable outer garments available in various knits
  • Ideal for anyone looking to keep warm and look great doing it

Limitless Market Potential

Early on, we realized the potential of our one-of-a-kind product, and its opportunity for an expansive market and rapid demand. As we continue to see the performance of our products consistently deliver, whether it's relieving medical-related issues or elevating the experience of being in the elements, we anticipate our consumer markets to expand as our brand awareness increases. Take a look at recent statistics and approximate estimates of potential consumers that would benefit from the innovative self-heating gloves, socks, and other products.

Fibreheat’s market: consumers that need relief from sicknesses, protection from working conditions, gear for athletic activities, & military activity.


  • Raynaud’s Disease/Syndrome impacts 28 million Americans and 10 million in UK*
  • Diabetes is diagnosed in 30 million Americans, 58 million Europeans
  • Arthritis affects over 31 million* Americans
  • Cardiovascular Disease and Circulatory issues affect around 125 million Americans and about 49 million Europeans


  • American military cold-weather demands are resurgent
  • Renewed and expanded Arctic exploration is leading to saber-rattling
  • Renewed Russian threat to Europe

Outdoor Sporting & Events

  • Around 55 million* Americans and 50 million* Europeans are runners
  • Almost 17 million* Americans and 60 million* Europeans ski/snowboard and climb
  • 48 million* Americans are cyclists (road, mountain, BMX), and 45 million* are hikers
  • Millions of cold-weather-sport spectators, participants, and athletes alike

Cold Working Conditions

  • Nearly 28 million people in Europe and the US work outdoors daily
  • Around 7 million Americans and 18 million Europeans work in the construction industry
  • 1.1 million Americans and 1.6 million Europeans work in law enforcement
  • Nearly half of office workers, 46 percent, say their office is too cold and it impacts their productivity

*See the market statistics according to 2017 Statista data, where figures are not mutually exclusive

FibreHeat® & Our Competitive Advantage

The competition is slim when it comes to self-heated accessories, as we are the first company to combine innovative technology with a functional yet fashionable product. Our practical design paves the way for self-heating gloves without batteries, chargers, or wires, eliminating the need for any additional bulk. With no power source, our patented fabrics significantly exceed the performance of others in the industry with our one-of-a-kind technology. Paired with our dedicated executive team, our unique combination of textile, fashion, finance, hi-tech, and serial-entrepreneurial experience is simply unmatched.

Heat map of hands after removing self-heating gloves by Fibreheat where they beat the competitors’

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