Our Technology

How Our Self-Heating Fabric Works


Our self-heating products are powered by fabrics made with unique heat-generating technology by FibreHeat®. The technology utilizes various different fibers to produce a highly technical and functional textile product.

 As confirmed by Independent Third Party Lab, the smart fabric begins generating heat as soon as you put it on, converting naturally-occurring body moisture to heat. The fabric is equipped with wicking properties, ensuring any moisture produced wicks away to keep you both warm and dry.

The heat produced is then stored in microscopic heat packs before it is converted into far infrared rays, which are waves of energy that gently elevate the body’s surface temperature and promote body functions like circulation. The infrared waves penetrate the surface of the skin gently to excite water molecules in the body, producing actual warmth.

 The benefits of Fibreheat® technology are endless! Shop the collection now and discover self-heating gloves in functional yet fashionable fabrics— perfect for keeping your cold hands warm in any environment! For those who always have cold feet, check out our newest product, heated socks!

Skin Temperature Test Results: Gloves


 Skin Temperature Test Results: Linings