Benefits of FIBREHEAT® Self-Heating & Heat Storing Fabric Technology

What are the benefits of FibreHeat® Technology

There are many benefits to investing in a product by FibreHeat® aside from a high quality textile. Our products bring a solution to an everyday problem, designed with both practical and functional designs for your everyday lifestyle. Whether you need warmth at work or are suffering from symptoms of illness, like Raynaud's disease, we have the products to help you!

1. No Need To Layer
Our FibreHeat® garments are not only warmer than your average pair of gloves, they are lighter and thinner too! Our self-heating technology provides more efficient warmth than ordinary layering, avoiding the need for bulky layers, providing a more comfortable and heated experience. Your foolproof way to keep hands warm this winter, along with just about any other time or place!

2. Comfort for Any Activity or Lifestyle
Our innovative fabrics are warm yet thin, so wearers can maintain high-level functioning in cold conditions longer than ever before! Our self heated fabrics are ideal for any day to day activity, whether your looking to beat the office air conditioning, working in the freezer isle, or out facing the elements. Perfect for athletes and spectators alike, our fabrics allow you to spend more time doing what you love at any temperature.

 3. Medical Benefits and Body Function Support.
Our innovative technology utilizes far infrared rays within the fibers of its fabrics, creating a moisture-free, skin warming experience when using products with fibreheat fabrics. This is ideal for individuals sufferering from a variety of issues, from disease and illnesses to poor circulation and arthritis, heat-generating assistance eases symptoms significantly. Our therapy gloves provide comfort to many suffering from medical conditions, including Lupus, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Diabetes, which can typically cause cold fingers or toes.

 4. FibreHeat® Garments Last

Our state-of-the-art fabrics with heat storing technology are made to last. Where normal gloves tend to wear at an extremely quick rate, our garmets tire more slowly than other leading brands. We provide durable fabrics made for daily usage, performing like the first time, everytime! Just another one of the reasons you need indoor gloves designed by FibreHeat®.


Discover the best way to combat the cold this season, whether its one of our high quality self-heating gloves or one of our newly launched heated mountain socks, we have the
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