The symptoms of arthritis can stop anyone in their tracks. Finding help for arthritis in hands is crucial to keeping up with your daily schedule without significant pain. Arthritis affects nearly 50 million Americans and managing symptoms is key in dealing with the disease. From finding good gloves for arthritis to making an exercise plan tailored to your needs, managing arthritis is a daily commitment. But what helps arthritis in fingers?

Firstly, what are the symptoms of arthritis that those suffering from it are trying to mitigate? There are many types of arthritis which can affect the hands in different ways. The most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis, which is a result of worn-down cartilage; rheumatoid arthritis, which is caused by an autoimmune disorder; and psoriatic arthritis, which is associated with psoriasis. However, no matter the cause, most forms of arthritis can cause issues in the hands. Arthritis sufferers can experience painful and stiff joints, swollen fingers, numbness, and growths on the fingers.

Help for arthritis in hands comes in several forms. While there are medical treatments to address symptoms of arthritis, making lifestyle changes is a way to take control of your treatment plan. Simple things like keeping hands warm can make a tremendous impact on arthritis pain. Finding gloves for arthritis to provide warmth and compression can reduce soreness and stiffness in joints. When joints are supported, they’re less likely to experience a flare up. Avoiding triggers, like the cold, can also make a big difference in the onset of arthritis pain.

Another way to help arthritic hands is to create an exercise plan. A variety of exercises can help improve range of motion and reduce stiffness in fingers and hands. On the opposite spectrum, rest can also help arthritis symptoms. A good balance of exercise, rest, and support can reduce overall pain and improve your symptoms. 

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