Using thermal glove liners in conjunction with winter gloves can provide an additional layer of warmth and protection that stands up to frigid temperatures. Finding the best glove liners on the market may be an elusive search, but FIBREHEAT® has the answer. Our patent pending ground-breaking technology has allowed us to create some of the warmest glove liners on the market. Our heated glove liners provide the additional warmth you need to battle low temperatures this winter – whether you’re suffering from circulatory issues or you just want toasty mitts!


There are lots of great reasons that anyone can benefit from using self heating glove liners. From saving money to being prepared in any situation, finding the best glove liners can be a life-saver.

  • Economical. Glove liners are economical! Instead of having several pairs of gloves to fit your needs, you can have one pair with a set of accompanying glove liners that can be added or removed depending on the temperature.
  • Convenient. In addition, glove liners are convenient. We’ve all been there – in the morning the temperatures are below freezing and by noon you’re in short sleeves. With a pair of glove liners, you can adjust your protection as quickly as the weather changes.
  • Added Warmth. Maybe you have a pair of gloves that you love, but they just aren’t warm enough for winter wear. Adding glove liners in cold weather can provide the additional warmth you need without causing you to bail on your favorite pair.


Glove liners can provide a variety of functions. From additional support, protection against injury, absorption of sweat, and added warmth, glove liners are multi-purpose. In fact, liners are made from several different materials including silk, wool, polypropolene, and thermalite polyester. Most glove liners on the market are made to provide added warmth for the wearer. FIBREHEAT® features merino glove liners constructed with top-quality wool and our ground-breaking technology that uses your own body to produce heat.


Simply put, our glove liners are different than anything else on the market. Our unique blend of experience in textile engineering, fashion design, and business development gives us an ideal background in the production of glove liners and other self-heating products. We’ve been able to create a new technology that uses a combination of your own skin, materials science, and the environment to produce a sustained warmth.

Our Ultra Liners, provide a high-tech solution to keeping your hands warm in the coldest weather! FIBREHEAT® Ultra Liners incorporate high-tech fibers that work together to harvest, generate, and retain heat unlike anything else on the market. And perhaps one of the best thing about our line of products is that they’re more fashionable and made better for everyday wear.


But how do we do it? Our innovative materials and patent pending technology sets us apart from other glove liners on the market. The material we use harnesses the power of your own skin and the environment to produce warmth without requiring a battery or heating element. Our glove liners don’t require battery power, so they’re less bulky, more functional, and more fashionable. We’ve invested a lot of effort into this patent pending ground-breaking technology and the science that goes behind our products to help keep people warm.

The way we produce our products, including glove liners for cold weather, is also unique. We use machines that are really more like 3D printers than traditional garment machines. When our glove liners come off the machine, there’s no sewing needed, so that means no seams that could allow heat to escape or cause discomfort. Our unique technology makes it possible for us to produce heated glove liners that aren’t bulky and come in a variety of styles and colors to fit every need and lifestyle.

Our gloves liners for cold weather use your own body processes to produce sustained warmth. Your cardiovascular system works with thermoregulation that keeps the body at a healthy temperature. When you are either too hot or too cold, your body jumps into action. Our technology harnesses that response to increase and maintain warmth in fingers and extremities through a reaction with our revolutionary material.

Whether you are looking to buy the best glove liners you can find for wherever life takes you, or to just keep your hands warm during cold months, UniqKnits is the brand you can rely on for scientifically backed, technologically advanced, and fashionable gloves.