How Do Our Gloves Work?

Imagine a smart fabric that can generate heat just by touching your skin, can store this heat in an army of microscopically sized heating pads, and harvests and converts this energy into rays similar to what the sun emits below the visible spectrum of light. This is how our patent pending technology works. The far infrared rays produced get under your skin - in a good way - and excite the water molecules in your cells thus creating warmth in the form of a gentle heat.

Typical protection against cold - whether through clothing for humans or the fur of an animal - is based on insulation. In most cases, it is the trapped air in the fabric or the fur that provides the insulation; and in all cases the role of the air is to keep the cold out, because it is a very poorheat conductor.

The advantage we have is that our patent pending smart fabric keeps the cold out not only passively, but by generating heat on its own, it also provides active protection against the cold. It’s able to do this without any external energy source, like batteries or heating cartridges. This technology is self-contained and convenient, which helps to keep you warmer for a longer period of time.