Newly Redesigned and Improved Unisex Twist Ultra Liners with FIBREHEAT™ Self Heating Technology

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Next generation FIBREHEAT™ ULTRA LINERS are a high-tech solution resulting in the best winter glove liners! FIBREHEAT™ Ultra Liners incorporate high-tech fibers that work together to harvest, generate and retain heat. We use 3D knitting technology to knit seamless liners which improves comfort and strength. Next generation FIBREHEAT™ ULTRA LINERS are a high-tech solution resulting in great gloves for cool weather or air conditioned environments, and also for those that can't wear wool! During extreme cold winter weather, use our FIBREHEAT™ ULTRA LINERS under gloves you already own for maximum warmth. This combination will result in the best gloves for Raynaud's sufferers or anyone that wants hand warming gloves. They’ll feel like a blanket on your hands! These thin warm gloves feature touch screen technology so you can use your mobile devices and stay connected without taking your FIBREHEAT™ Ultra Liners off.

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low, remove while damp, lay flat to dry.

Contents: 46% Olefin/20% Acrylic/17% Polyester/15% Nylon/2% Spandex

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    Richard C.
    United States United States

    I am an inveterate (my wife says obsessed) walker, averaging 100 miles per week over 32 – 35 hours. I am also a Reynaud’s sufferer requiring hand covering once temps fall below 50F. And with each drop of 5 – 7 degrees I need more and more protection, from light weight through heavy weight gloves, with various combinations of liners and hand warmer inserts, all the way to battery powered electrically heated gloves. Yet no matter what combination of protection I use my fingers always end up cold, anywhere from uncomfortable to downright painful. Several weeks ago, I read about your products on-line and, after a bit of research, decided to order a pair of your Ultra Liners. They arrived a week before Christmas and I’ve been giving them a thorough, real-world testing since then. Weather conditions during that time have ranged from bright and sunny to rain, sleet, and snow. Temperatures have been from 45F to 2F (with wind chill down to -11F), and averaging about 20F. And my time outside walking has been 57.5 hours. To adjust for the varying conditions I have worn light, medium, and heavy gloves in combination with the Ultra Liners. My test results: Your Ultra Liner’s performance has been 100% amazing, bordering on the miraculous! Even at 2F / -11F wind chill my fingers remained warm and comfortable for nearly five hours. This is truly one of those rare occasions where a product not only lives up to the manufacturer’s performance claims, but also exceeds the customer’s expectations as well. For me this truly is a life changing product and I thank you for it. Now that you’ve given us Reynaud’s sufferers an incredibly effective and elegant solution for our cold, painful hands, might I suggest that you turn your attention to our feet and develop a line of socks and sock liners so that we may also enjoy toasty toes. Once again, thank you.

    Tracy G.
    United States United States

    Over the years, I've wasted so much money on gloves that don't keep my fingers warm, that restrict my movement, that are just terrible. THESE gloves, however, have been amazing!

    Jo H.
    United States United States
    Great product and great customer service

    I started using the liners last winter and could not have been happier. Since I suffer from Raynaud's disease it's important to keep my hands warm. When it's not too cold, I wear them by themselves. When colder, I wear them under mittens or other gloves. I ordered another pair this winter so I would have a spare pair. When there was a problem with delivery, the company responded promptly, and got a pair to me quickly.

    Katherine G.
    United States United States
    Got these for my Dad

    My father is an active 85 year old sculptor who row eight miles daily on the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is a long term sufferer of Raynaud's disease. I bought him these gloves in the hopes that your product would help him in the cold mornings. He reports that he *can* use them while rowing, which is a positive, but needs some kind of mitten or rowing pogie (specialized rowing mitt) to keep the wind chill factor down. That's all I have for now. I am really hoping your product will prove it's worth in the coming weeks.


    Dear Katherine, thanks so much for taking the time to submit a review, its much appreciated. We would, however, like to respond with clarifications regarding how our liners were designed to be used most effectively. As the name indicates, they are liners primarily intended to be worn under other gloves that do not keep your hands warm enough on their own. If worn alone in colder weather, the liners are subject to wind intrusion, so it is important to wear them under other outer gloves when outdoors in cold weather. They can be worn alone indoors in air conditioned environments or in cool weather outdoors if not too windy. We hope this clarifies how we recommend the liners be used and hope you’ll let us know how they perform for your father in the coming weeks.