As the weather turns colder, people are on the hunt for quality accessories that keep their hands warm. There are a variety of warming gloves on the market, but there are just as many misconceptions about them. Gloves that provide some sort of heating element can go a long way toward beating the frosty temperatures during fall and winter. 

But, doself-heating gloves work? 

Here are three misconceptions about using self-heating gloves.

1. They’re Bulky

It’s true – kind of. Many heated gloves on the marketare bulky because they require a battery pack to produce warmth. Because of the necessary battery power, not only are the gloves bulky, they’re heavy. A standard pair ofheated gloves with a battery pack can weigh a quarter of a pound. However, our self-heating gloves harness material science and cutting-edge technology to remove the need for battery power but retain the warmth.

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2. They’re Ugly

Most heated gloves on the market have a very tactical, industrial look to them. With the added wires and battery packs, they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. However, there are self-heating gloves that offer a variety of looks and colors. The FIBREHEAT® line features several shades and patterns to provide fashionable yet functional options for self-heating gloves.

3. They’re Not Safe

Some think that because heated gloves are a source of warmth that they may not be safe. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our self-heating gloves, without batteries or wires, use thepower of materials technologyto produce warmth from your own skin. There are no wires, battery packs, or heating elements that could malfunction or cause injury – just ground-breaking technology that provides heat from the glove by interacting with your own skin.

If you’re suffering from circulatory issues or just looking for self-heating gloves that work,check out our online store and see what we have to offer.