With winter in full swing, it’s the perfect time to talk about why you should use self-heating gloves! Whether you suffer from a circulatory issue like Raynaud’s phenomenon, or you just want a little extra warmth on your hands this season, there are a myriad of reasons to use self-heating gloves – especially ours.  From frigid temperatures to cutting wind gusts to broken heaters, winter is a time that many struggle to stay comfortable indoors and out. Here are our top three reasons you need self-heating gloves.

Circulatory Issues

One of the most common reasons people seek out self-heating gloves is to alleviate the symptoms that come with circulatory issues. While sufferers experience issues all year-round, the colder months can be even more challenging. Those with diabetes, Raynaud’s phenomenon, and more can experience circulatory issues regarding hands. By using self-heating gloves, those with circulatory issues can be proactive in stopping symptoms before they start or more quickly alleviating them when they strike.


Everyone can benefit from using self-heating gloves, particularly during the winter season when spending time outdoors. The cold temps tend to keep people inside more during winter, but if you just love the snow, you want to be out in it! Our thermal gloves come in a variety of styles and options to meet your warmth needs. Our unique technology doesn’t require battery power for additional heat, which makes our gloves perfect for outdoor activities on the go.

Winter Fun

Even if you aren’t outdoors for extended periods of time, there’s lots of fun to be had during the winter -which includes bearing cold temperatures. Whether you’re caroling throughout the neighborhood or taking a spin on the ice with the family, our self-heating gloves are the perfect solution to your cold-weather woes in keeping your hands warm and comfortable.

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