People need indoor gloves for a variety of reasons, even if the temperature outside doesn’t reflect it. From circulatory issues to overbearing air conditioning and beyond, finding the best way to keep hands warm and comfortable indoors and out is key. But what should you look for in a good pair of indoor gloves? The specifications can vary by the reason, but one thing remains important for each: keeping your hands warm! Here are some reasons people might seek out gloves for wearing inside and what to look for in the perfect pair. 

How Indoor Gloves Help With Poor Circulation

There are a variety of conditions that can cause poor circulation and, in turn, create the need for a good pair of indoor gloves. Poor circulation can affect people year-round even if the temperature outside feels like the dead of summer. Anything from poor diet to underlying conditions like diabetes and Raynaud’s phenomenon can cause poor circulation problems. If your hands are always ice cold, you may be suffering from this condition and in need of indoor gloves for poor circulation. Keeping hands supported and warm can combat the effects of poor circulation and make sufferers more comfortable. Luckily, there are options! FIBREHEAT® produces a range of self-heating gloves that use a ground-breaking technology to generate heat using your own body and the environment. These thin warm gloves keep your hands toasty without being cumbersome – which is crucial when looking for the best indoor gloves.  

Staying Comfortable in Air Conditioning with Indoor Gloves

If you work in an office, you might suffer from cold temperatures even if the weather outside is warm and inviting. Overbearing air conditioning is a serious issue for many in the workplace and finding a way to keep your hands warm and typing away can make a huge difference in productivity! Many people have a pair or two of office gloves lurking in their desk, but finding the right typing gloves for cold hands that allow free range of motion can be a challenge. The best gloves for typing need to be thin yet supportive and, above all, keep your hands warm! Our unique technology combines your own body heat and the environment to create a thin, self-heating glove that allows you to be able to function normally. Whether you’re typing, texting, or just clicking away at the mouse, our gloves are the perfect solution to cold hands in the office. 

No matter the season, you don’t have to suffer from cold hands indoors or out! There are thin warm gloves that truly keep your hands warm but don’t come with a lot of heft, so you can still function. Whether you’re typing, texting, driving, or anything else that requires the use of your hands, our self-heating gloves are a great way to stay warm year-round.