When bitter cold hits, the first thing to start to feel the chill are your fingertips. Finding gloves that keep fingers warm can be a challenge because this area of your body is one of the first places circulation retreats in cold weather. There are steps you can take to keep fingertips warm despite the number on the thermostat. Here are some tips for keeping your fingertips warm during this bitterly cold winter season.

  1. The first step to warmth is finding the right pair of gloves to suit your specific needs and body response. Covering your extremities will not only keep the cold out but keep heat in. Beyond finding the right fit and function, finding thin warm gloves that keep fingertips warm can be like discovering a needle in a haystack. Lots of gloves promoted as the best warm gloves on the market are bulky and unattractive. FIBREHEAT® ground-breaking fabric provides self-heating technology that not only keeps fingertips warm but keeps your cold weather look just as stylish as any other season. We offer thin warm gloves that actually work!
  2. One of the quickest ways to increase body temperature, and, in turn, hand temperature is to get moving! Doing some quick aerobic exercises like squats or jumping jacks can get your blood moving and raise your body temperature. Even doing hand exercises can increase blood flow and warm up your hands and fingers! Wiggling fingers, clenching and releasing your fist, or just moving your hands in circles can help to heat up and keep fingertips warm.
  3. Obviously, or hopefully, you make a habit of this tip already. However, by focusing on breathing and taking deep breaths, you can increase your circulation and, in turn, keep your body warmer. According to research, Tibetan monks were able to increase their body temperature just through meditative breathing. There’s no need to dedicate to an entirely new spiritual practice, but focus on deep breathing when you’re cold. It’s worth a try!

The most important thing you can do to keep fingertips warm is to find thin warm gloves that work for you. Gloves that keep fingers warm don’t have to be bulky or cumbersome, especially with our technology. Check out our line of self-heating gloves for a surefire fix to cold fingertips!