Many Americans suffer from the debilitating pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. With the increased use of keyboards and even smaller devices in daily life, carpal tunnel syndrome is impacting even more people across all age ranges. While there is much being done to prevent this ailment through the use of ergonomic design, preventative measures don’t help those who are already suffering. Using gloves for carpal tunnel syndrome can help those who are dealing with the pain, stiffness, and limited mobility of the affliction.

What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is known as a repetitive stress injury. This means that the same motion or amount of stress put on the same components over time results in pain. Repeated stress through the positioning if your wrists, like typing on a keyboard, is the main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. Those who experience prolonged exposure to power tools that cause vibrations can also develop the condition as this puts stress on the wrists.

There are conditions that are linked with and increased risk of carpal tunnel as well. People who have diabetes, thyroid disfunction, or auto-immune disorders may be more susceptible do developing carpal tunnel. Certain lifestyle factors like smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and high salt intake may also make you more inclined to developing the condition.

What Can I Do to Help My Carpal Tunnel?

While carpal tunnel can be a frustrating condition to deal with, there are options for reducing symptoms. Carpal tunnel gloves provide a convenient and effective way to help alleviate pain. Gloves for carpal tunnel syndrome can keep your hands warm, which increases blood flow and prevents injury or further irritation. When joints remain warm, they are more supple and less prone to pain. In addition, therapy gloves can provide gentle compression that provides support for achy hands.

You should also focus on preventative measures that can reduce the chance of flareups. Keeping your hands warm with carpal tunnel gloves is the first step in prevention. Coldness restricts blood flow which can increase pain and cause injury. Another thing to keep in mind is how you can adjust your posture and form so that the same parts of your hands aren’t being put under stress. Finally, take breaks! Many people get caught up in their work, especially at a computer, and forget to let their hands rest. Giving yourself frequent breaks can reduce the chance of carpal tunnel flareups.

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