Compression gloves serve as versatile solutions for a range of ailments and issues. Offering essential support, compression, and warmth, these multi-purpose hand savers are particularly beneficial for individuals with joint-related ailments such as arthritis or other autoimmune disorders. Additionally, they are commonly utilized by individuals recovering from injuries, surgeries, or burns.

Do Compression Gloves Help Arthritis?

Yes, compression gloves for arthritis can help people suffering from the autoimmune disease and alleviate some of the discomfort associated with inflammatory pain. Arthritis attacks the joints, particularly those located in the hands and fingers. Some of the body’s smallest joints can cause the greatest amount of pain for those suffering from arthritis. In fact, occupational therapists often recommend the use oftherapeutic gloves for arthritis.

Therapeutic gloves can be used to reduce swelling through gentle pressure on the hands. In addition, the support they provide to joints through compression, can reduce stiffness and pain. It’s often recommended that those with arthritis wear therapeutic compression gloves overnight while they sleep. The suggested wear time is around eight hours while you sleep which can help reduce stiffness in the joints that may occur in the morning.

Does Heat Help Relieve Arthritis Pain?

The best type of therapy gloves for arthritis are those thatprovide gentle support in combination with sustained warmth. FIBREHEAT® offers self-warminggloves without battery power, utilizing your body heat and the environment to provide warmth over the entire hand. Although FIBREHEAT® gloves are not specifically compression gloves for arthritis, ourground-breaking technology effectively reduces arthritis pain in hands. 

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By keeping joints warm and supported, the inflammatory response is reduced, offering solace to those suffering from autoimmune diseases like arthritis,Raynaud’s phenomenon,scleroderma, andlupus

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